Nursing Scholarships


In addition to our Annual $5,000 Education Award, we thought it would be helpful to provide a list of other scholarships that might be of interest to you.

Good Luck!

AACN Scholarship $2,500-

ACLS Medical Training Scholarship Program $1,000-

Advancing Men In Nursing Scholarships-

AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship Fund $2,500-

American Cancer Society Graduate In Cancer Nursing Practice Scholarship $20,000-

Asian American/ Pacific Islander Nurses Association, Inc. Scholarships- Scholarship $2,500-

Deloras Jones RN Scholarship Program-

Elizabeth J Davis Scholarship $3,000-

Equality Scholarship $6,000-

FNSNA Undergraduate Scholarship Program-

Gladys D Goodson Scholarship $2,500-

Health Careers Scholarship Program $7,500-

Healthcare Leadership Scholarship $2,000- Leadership Scholarship $2,000-

IMPACT Technology Recruiting Scholarship $1,000-

Jean Andrews Nursing Scholarship $1,200-

Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund $3,000-

Kings Daughters Health Foundation Health Career Scholarship $2,500-

Madeline Pickett Cogswell Nursing Scholarship $2,500-

Medsite Medical Scholarship $5,000-

Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship $2,000-

NAHN Scholarships-

National CPR Association Scholarship $2,000-

NBNA Scholarships-

Nurse Plus Academy $1,000- Healthcare Leaders Scholarship $1,000- Scholarships $2,000-

Oliver Joel And Ellen Pell Denny Healthcare Scholarship $3,000-

Perinatal Graduate Nursing Scholarships $5,000-

Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. Scholarship $2,000-

Professional Caretakers Scholarships $1,500-

Sarah Margaret Macdonald Nursing Scholarship $6,000-

The Genvieve Renn Roscher Nursing Scholarship $1,000-

The Meland Foundation Nursing Scholarships $2,000-$5,000-

The Nurses Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc. Scholarship $2,000-

The Rick And Sherry Murray Medical Futures Scholarship $5,000-

Transcultural Nursing Society Scholarships-

Travel Nurse Source Scholarship $2,000-

Western Governors University Scholarships-

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