5 Problems Nurses Face Today


Here’s an article we’re quite sure you have strong feelings about regarding your work environment. Do you agree or disagree that these problems exist? Are there other issues you experience that we should add to this list? Please make any comments and/or suggestions in our comments section below!

Nursing is a challenging job and issues arise that are out of your control. Some are direct results of communication and interactions amongst Nurses. Below are the 5 biggest problems Nurses face today.

Being Short Staffed

This can bring professional and personal issues. When a hospital is short-staffed, you’re left with no other option but to take on more shifts, cover for your co-nurses’ absences, and miss out on important life occasions. Your social life can suffer, too.

Short staffing is one of the most common reasons why nurses experience burnout. Nursing is already a stressful job and not having enough time to relax and care for yourself can make you feel more frustrated and unsatisfied with your job.

Long Shifts

Nurses are often required to work more long hours. It can be due to the hospital being short-staffed or management cutting costs. Whichever the reason, Nurses, working longer than they're supposed to, is detrimental. It can affect the quality of care they deliver, and it can also put their health at risk.

When Nurses work extended hours, they aren't resting properly and aren't letting their bodies recover. for example, many Nurses who take extended shifts suffer from chronic back, leg and shoulder pain. Some of them even develop long-term medical conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

By not being well-rested, you can suffer from daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and impaired mental function. It can affect your ability to make proper decisions, which can compromise your patients’ safety.


The compensations Nurses receive depend on many factors. Aside from specialty, their place of work tends to affect the salary they get, as well. Having a higher degree counts as well. Salary is a common reason why Nurses leave a hospital.


Nurses eating their young isn’t an entirely new thing. In fact, this has been around for ages.

Being a new Nurse is intimidating and you have to adjust to many new things. Apart from the skills you have to gain, you also have to learn how to cope with how the Nursing system in your hospital works.

Unfortunately, not all veteran Nurses are that welcoming. These attitudes tend to dull the enthusiasm of new Nurses enough to make them question themselves if they made the right career choice. You are all on the same team, strengthen your team by welcoming new Nurses and being a little more patient with them.

Job Hazards

Working in the hospital puts nurses in a lot of work hazards. Take, for example, being exposed to infected body fluids. Apart from that, lifting patients of all sizes can also put your safety at risk. Nurses also have to deal with sharps and needles and running on slippery floors during emergencies.

Nursing can be difficult and we appreciate everything they deal with. If you have anything to add please comment below!

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