Registered nurses can earn bachelor’s degree in nursing online through UTB-TSC program

By JESUS CHAVEZ Special to the Herald

describe the imageWhen Delia Jasso began her first class in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program in spring 2012 at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, she gained a vision of a better, healthier future for her family, her patients and herself.

Jasso, 39, is a registered nurse who took classes online from her home in Donna. She will graduate with a 4.0 grade point average and receive her bachelor’s degree in nursing on Dec. 15 at the university’s 2012 Winter Commencement on the Cardenas South Hall Lawn.

“In a lot of places, they won’t hire you if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree,” Jasso said. “This program has given me the skills to be an effective leader in any future nursing position I apply for. I believe my quality of life has drastically improved not only for me but for my family and patients as well.”

The RN-BSN Program provides registered nurses the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing by taking courses online. The deadline to apply for the program for the spring semester is Dec. 9.

“Being in the program taught me a lot about my potential for leadership as a nurse,” she said. “It’s taught me how to be an informal as well as a formal leader in my working environment.”

Jasso wants to set an example for her six siblings that a good education is vital for a better quality of life.

“I come from a very poor, migrant family,” she said. “I had to work in the fields since I was 11. When I turned 18, I promised myself I would never go back there; I would never give up. I’m pushing my brothers and sisters so hard to educate themselves. You have to get off your feet, educate yourself and improve your life. That’s what I’m doing.”

Jasso worked for 14 years as a surgical technician under Dr. Leonard Tesoro at his otolaryngology clinic in McAllen. During that period her employer saw her potential as a healthcare professional and consistently urged her to continue her education.

“Dr. Tesoro pushed me to go back to school; he gave me many opportunities to go back to school and keep my job,” said Jasso. “I’ve always been the sort of person to help those in medical need, and working with him as a surgical tech made me realize I could do much more as a nurse.”

Jasso received her nursing certification in 2010 and after working for a year she enrolled at UTB and TSC.

“We go into the nursing profession because we’re caring individuals,” said Jasso. “We need to take care of our population and promote help. Before the BSN program, I never thought about what my community needs, but now I’ve realized the ways I can help these vulnerable areas with little innovations such as teaching in our communities.”

Jasso plans to continue her education after she graduates because she said she feels that nurses have a responsibility to be as well educated as possible.

For more information about the RN-BSN online program, contact Lourdes Requena at (956) 882-5070 to schedule an appointment.

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