Bad hospital food!


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Bad Hospital Food: Coming to a Theater Near You

Whatever the paste-like substance is on the bottom right portion of the plate, the icky gravy coating certainly doesn't make it look any more appealing. The glop of green had better days in a Japanese horror flick.

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Bad Hospital Food: Catch of a Different Day

It looks like this may have been the catch of a different day, likely a day long ago.

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Bad Hospital Food: Thank Goodness There's Dessert

Umm... at least there's caramel pudding! Even the wilted salad that hangs over the edge of its plate seems keen to escape this sad assembly.

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Bad Hospital Food: Save Me From Savoury

Although the word "Savoury" does appear in the title of this dish (according to the paper under the plate), this is not a word that immediately comes to mind upon first glance. This meal would look more elegant spread out in a garbage can (or perhaps against a wall). 

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Bad Hospital Food: Ham Tartare?

It's hard to mess up ham—but we think this plate deserves a medal for making it appear totally unappetizing. The lack of condensation on or around the food also points to another sad fact—this meal is completely cold and clammy. If you stare at the mashed potatoes(?) long enough you can almost see a face. A sad, sad face. 


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Bad Hospital Food: The Dry to Try

Well, there's Remoulade sauce so we're guessing this is breakfast? Talk about a DRY looking meal. We're choking just looking at it. Additionally, we have no idea about those things opposite the slice of bread. Could be calamari, could be dog biscuits.


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Bad Hospital Food: To Be Determined

There are just so many mysteries on this plate. It's certainly hard to discern the nutritional value of a meal like this when the four main food groups are Incognito, The Thing, Slime and Tan Unknown. 

Source: ScrubsMag

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