Nurse Shares What Delivering Babies Is REALLY Like

newborn-delivery-photo-420x420-ts-stk25209nwl.jpgLabor and Delivery Nurses will appreciate this post. My only problem with it is that she keeps saying “I’m just the Nurse…”. The word “just” is where I’m having difficulty. Perhaps she’s using the word to be self-deprecating? I’m not sure. What do you think?
As pointed out in this post, your first priority while in that labor & delivery room is your patient and the baby/babies who are about to be born. We here at appreciate what all Nurses do every day. We would never refer to you as “just” a Nurse. Of everyone in that room, you are the most connected to your patients and their needs. You are their advocate and recognize when something is going well or not. You share in their joy and sometimes, their sorrow.
You put your needs aside to take care of your patients and for that, we are grateful.

Susan Jolley, a registered nurse from Texas, has shared a beautiful tribute to delivery nurses, highlighting the amazing and sometimes heartbreaking work they do on a daily basis. 
It begins: 'I am just a nurse. A Labor and Delivery nurse. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Well....

'I am just the nurse who was there during the birth of your child.
I am just the nurse who held your hand, looked you in the eye, and made you feel like the strongest woman in the world.'

The post then goes on to explain that midwives are also there during some truly difficult moments. 

'I am just the nurse who vigilantly monitored your baby's heartbeat and recognized that he was in distress.

'I am the nurse who took photos of your baby because you were all alone... Even though I should really be charting and dong about a hundred other things.'

Susan's post went on to say that nurses will be there through everything, including being the one who 'reassured a teenage mom that she can be an amazing parent and still get an education.'

However, they are also: 'Just the nurse who stood by you while you handed your baby to his adoptive mother. I held you steady. I watched you tremble. My heart ached for you.'
If that wasn't enough, the post details how nurses and midwives are also there at the truly tragic moments. 'I am just the nurse who held your hand and told you, "She is beautiful. I am so so sorry for your loss." My heart ached for you. I wanted to hold my children and never let them go that night... but they were already sleeping because I stayed late to be with you.' 

However, the end of the post ended saying that while it might be difficult and often unappreciated, being a nurse is an amazing job, ending with: 

'I saved your life.
I saved your child's life.
My body aches.
My heart aches.
And I love every minute. 
I am JUST a Labor and Delivery nurse.'
The post has already been shared over 55,000 times with many mums sharing their own stories of how they have been helped by labour and delivery nurses. 

One said: 'Angel's in disguise who are very under appreciated at times but very dedicated and beautiful people.. Because of the special care and pure selflessness they show us.'
Another added: 'So true they really don't get the recognition they deserve i will always remember the nurse who delivered my still born baby boy and then 2 years later came in on her day off to deliver my son the emotional support from her was unbelievable and definitely something that will stick with me forever xxx'
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