Don't Let Bullying Affect Your Life

Download these tips to help

This list of tips will help you in dealing with a workplace bully or to educate others that are being bullied. Download this PDF to share or hang in your work space. The Workplace Bullying Institute in Washington, receives more calls from nurses than from workers in any other field. 

A Few More Facts:

  • Researchers say that at least 85 percent of nurses have been verbally abused by a fellow nurse.
  • Worldwide, experts estimate that one in three nurses quits her job because of bullying and that bullying—not wages—is the major cause of a global nursing shortage.
  • Many nurses assume that because the workforce is 91 percent female, they are destined to resort to backstabbing and cattiness.

Don't become part of these statistics. Nursing is a passion. So band together to help eachother!