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Gifts Nurses Could REALLY Use

Posted by Erica Bettencourt

Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 10:39 AM


salad 131399660 resized 600Pens that don’t work? Socks that cut off your circulation? Cheap key chains? Yep, those sound like some Nurses Week gift failures to me!

I have some suggestions for gifts I think every nurse would appreciate for Nurses Week. Here are two major ones (you can thank me later!):

A real lunch break

  • You know, the kind of lunch break that involves leaving the nursing unit, or even leaving the premises all together. The kind where you actually taste your meal instead of inhaling it on the go. Maybe even a full hour-long lunch so we could enjoy the food we eat and take our time getting back on shift.

IOU: A time out

  • A certificate that allows you the ability to just call a time out. I’m talking stopping everything, putting your hands in the air and taking a “Calgon moment.” No explanation necessary, just produce the IOU. We should be able to use this IOU whenever the need arises. You could even put an expiration date on it, although I doubt it would take long to use this one up.

Here are a few more random ideas for gifts:

  • A valet ticket for parking
  • A free lunch (or more than one)
  • IOU: One time you get to leave work early
  • IOU: One time you get to come to work late
  • IOU: One request for a new pot of coffee be made (when the pot is empty)
  • IOU: One admission paperwork completion
  • IOU: A free breakfast

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always appreciative of the recognition, but I think if we’re going to celebrate all things nursing, then the gifts should be worth the year-long wait!!

Any other suggestions? What would be a great gift for you this Nurses Week?

Topics: clinic, gifts, nursing, health, healthcare, nurse, nurses, medical, hospital, Nurses Week

6 Things that All Nurses Want for Christmas

Posted by Erica Bettencourt

Mon, Dec 22, 2014 @ 01:29 PM

6 Things that All Nurses Want for Christmas resized 600

What do all nurses want for this holiday season? We asked the nursing community on Facebook and reddit and we discovered that yes, it’s not necessarily a pair of scrubs. Here are their answers:

  1. Better staffing and better nursing jobs

    Top of the list are these answers that we think go hand-in-hand:

    “A job. Going 2 months strong being unemployed (currently living the dream of being a stay at home wife). When I was working: Adequate staffing.” – mogris, from reddit

    “I second the ‘adequate staffing’. I'm a little worried that my Christmas night will be crushingly busy.” – CrossP, from reddit

    “I'm in the same unemployment boat as you. It is not a fun ride. I just want to be someone's nurse again.” – OkieDokieArtichokee, from reddit

    “Better nurse to patient ratio!” – Lisa B., from Facebook

    “Low census and adequate staffing” – nocturnalnurse, from reddit

    When hospitals and other healthcare facilities don’t want to hire more nurses, then obviously there are fewer nursing jobs created. Meanwhile, the existing staff will have to bear a heavier workload.

  2. The right to die with dignity

    “Legalized euthanasia.” – Vilalintine, from reddit

    After all, death shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Controversial as this may sound, sometimes it is the better option for the patient.

  3. The company of family and friends, at home or even at work

    All nurses want for Christmas is “to spend it with their families.” – Leslie C., from Facebook

    “To not be pulled to another unit. I'm already away from my home family, don't take me away from my work family too!” – FunkeeBananas, from reddit

    “Word. Worst Christmas ever involved me and another nurse getting pulled to another unit, that nurse crying, my pod mate being a total bitch, and my two being patients sad, sad trainwrecks. Ugh.” – abermanlebt, from reddit

    Who doesn’t want to feel at home this Christmas, even at work?

  4. The ability to not get tired

    “Feet that don't hurt after 12hrs.” –Hottiemcgee, from reddit

  5. A break during their shift or sometimes a break from nursing itself.

    “A break…” – Nancy G., from Facebook

    “Nonnursey gifts. ;) seriously, get me a new game or help with the gaming PC I'm building and I will love you forever. Or blankets. My husband keeps this apartment freezing! Same there's only do many layers and blankets I can cover up in before it impedes my gaming.” – thackworth, from reddit

    “Steam gift cards and a matched pair of GeForce GTX 980s. ...or is that just me?” – auraseer, from reddit

    Everyone does need a break from nursing once in a while—and that break takes different forms. For some of our nurses, it’s a day of playing their favorite video games. So before you go shopping to get some gifts for nurses, you may want to consider this fact. (Hint: if your nurse friends aren’t gamers, a day of pampering is always nice.)

  6. And of course, all nurses want the best for their patient.

    “For the NICU babies to go home with their family.” – kitty-cat-meow, from reddit

    “An empty waiting room.” – A_guy_in_scrubs, from reddit

    No patients means no one’s sick, and hence, no problem!

We’ll end this post with a Christmas carol from rninnj, posted on reddit:

12 filled meds from pharmacy

11 family members leaving

10 toes on a diabetic

9 days off

8 beds ready, no new admissions

7 cups of coffee

6 smiling patients

5 sleeping patients

4 extra staff members

3 patent lines

2 uninterrupted breaks

1 partridge in a pear tree

Wishing all nurses a happy holiday season!



Topics: funny, gifts, humor, nurse humor, Holidays, nurses, Christmas

Healthy Father's Day gadgets for dad

Posted by Alycia Sullivan

Fri, Jun 14, 2013 @ 10:41 AM

By Matt Sloane, CNN

Thinking about buying your dear old dad some argyle socks or monogrammed golf balls for Father's Day?

Think again. What he really wants is the high-tech stuff! And there are several gadgets that can actually make a difference in your father's health. Here's a look at five gift choices:

It's a heart monitor! It's an iPhone case!

It's an iPhone case and a portable EKG. Users can measure their heart rate by placing their fingers on the metal leads on the back of the case. The <a href='' target='_blank'>monitor</a> is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for sale to doctors and patients with a prescription.

The AliveCor heart rate monitor phone case doubles as portable EKG monitor and an iPhone case. Users place their fingers over the two metal leads on the back of the case, and within seconds get a live look at the electrical signals in their heart.

Why is this important? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men and women in America, taking more than 600,000 lives each year. If your dad or his doctor are concerned about his heart, this can help them keep track on the go, and for less than $200.

It's FDA-approved for purchase by physicians or by their patients with a prescription. Once dad takes a reading, he can e-mail the report directly to his doctor.

If your dad's hearing is slipping

The PAE-300 has four sound modes, according to its <a href=&squot;; target=&squot;_blank&squot;>website</a>: Watch, talk, listen and relax. They can be useful during "hard to hear" listening situations while watching television or listening to music.

If his heart is in the right place, but it's his ears you're worried about, check out the Personal Audio Enhancer PAE-300.

Dad may be too stubborn to get a hearing aid, but you can disguise this bad boy as a new, sleek gadget. The PAE-300 can be set up via a wireless connection to beam the TV audio directly to his ears, but it can also be used for everyday situations where it may be difficult to hear.

One thing you'll be able to hear quite well, however, is the "cha-ching" sound, as the PAE-300 will set you back $399.

Colored lights as safety device

Hue offers a variety of colorful options. Among them: users can turn their wireless lights on and off remotely when away from home, or set their lights to come on at a set time and avoid coming home to a dark house.From "let there be sound" to "let there be light," the next Father's Day gadget is the Philips Hue system.

This WiFi-connected set of light bulbs doesn't just turn on and off by way of an iPhone or iPad. It also lets the user change the light bulb's hue (get it?) to any color in the spectrum.

So what's the health benefit? There are several: everything from "setting the mood" for sex, which is known to improve your health and happiness, to being a visual alert system for hearing-impaired people. The company is also working on software allowing you to check in on elderly parents with Hue light bulbs -- the product can send you text alerts if they don't turn on their lights by a certain time each morning.

The Hue starter pack comes with a wireless access bridge and three bulbs and sells for $199 at Apple stores or online. The system can control up to 50 bulbs individually, and additional bulbs sell for $59.

Keep an eye on calories in beverages

If dad needs help shedding weight, but still likes his wine, then check out Wine Trax.Wine Trax offers an easy way to track your alcohol intake and keep an eye on calories. Its manufacturer, <a href='' target='_blank'>Elegant Portions</a>, also offers dinner plates to measure portions and a measuring cereal/snack bowl.

This modern-but-elegant set of wine glasses has lines etched in the glasses at 4, 6 and 8 ounces, so you know when to say when. A 4-ounce glass of vino will set you back 100 calories; double that for an 8-ounce glass. This set of two glasses is only $28 -- and of course you can use other beverages as well.

Elegant Portions, Wine Trax's parent company, was started by Gail Curtis, a Eugene, Oregon, interior designer who was laid off from her job designing luxury bus interiors.

"As a weight-watching person, it was my way to still enjoy wine and not have to pull out measuring cups," said Curtis.

Get dad moving

The <a href='' target='_blank'>FitBit Flex</a> is designed to be worn everywhere, and can track workouts, food and sleep. Dad can use online tools to set and manage his fitness goals and provide motivation.The FitBit Flex band is a multitasker: During the day, worn on the wrist, it tracks your father's steps, distance covered and calories burned. At night, it can track his sleep, measuring how long he sleeps and the number of times he wakes up. In the morning, it can vibrate to wake him silently.

The Flex automatically syncs with a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and more. Dad can use the free online tools and mobile app to set and reach goals and track his progress. He can also log his food and workouts.

The Flex is about $100 and can be purchased online.

Source: CNN

Topics: healthy, gifts, father's day

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